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botanical name : Cera alba

Part : Honeycomb

country of origin : USA

processing method : none - unrefined

certification : USDA certified organic

  • Moisturizes and hydrates

  • Helps relieve pain

  • Treat acne

  • Reduce stretch marks

  • Heals dry, cracked lips

  • Treats Eczema & Psoriasis

  • Reduces skin rash & irritations

  • Safe for use on baby skin


Our beeswax is ethically sourced from local Canadian bee farmers. Beeswax is a bi-product in the production of honey. The hives and its worker bees are protected throughout the process. 



Vitamin A

Humans have been using natural beeswax for over 8000 years. It serves many purposes, and is completely natural. Beeswax is harvested from the honeycomb structures specifically designed by honeybees to house their young, along with serving as small storage pots for honey. Pure Beeswax is a beautiful golden yellow in colour. Its made by industrious honeybees from the nectar of wildflowers. Beeswax has a sweet, natural fragrance of its own. It is produced by bees in the form of tiny scales that are "sweated" from the segments on the underside of their abdomens. To stimulate the production of beeswax, the bees gorge themselves with honey or sugar syrup and huddle together to raise the temperature of the cluster.



Beeswax has a light, natural honey scent, with antibacterial properties. Its protective barrier properties make it a popular choice in natural skincare and cosmetics. Beeswax is a humectant, which means it has the unique ability to attract moisture from the air, helping the skin hydrate. Beeswax has very little nutritional value with the exception of trace amounts of vitamin A. Our digestive system does not break down beeswax, therefore it is not recommended for ingestion. Beeswax is very beneficial to the skin and the healing process with its anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. It soothes and softens the skin, and forms a protective layer that still allows the skin to breathe and heal. Preventing drying-out, and cracking, it also acts as a protective barrier against harsh weather conditions, and environmental factors. Beeswax itself is a ‘natural’ product, that has not undergone industry processing.



Carrier Butter John Addison Apothecary 2

Organic Carrier Body Butter

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Organic Baby Butter

Under Eye Rescue John Addison Apothecary

Organic Body Butter

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Cold Sore Rescue _ John Addison Organic.

Organic Cold Sore Rescue

Organic Hair Pomade

Organic Under Eye Rescue

Organic Belly Butter

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Organic Lip Balm

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