John Addison plant-based products are safe for all-over body application. Patch testing on skin is recommended, those with allergies should be aware some products contain nuts.


Your face, your identity. Completely unique, completely your own. Brighten and even skin tone, reduce redness and puffiness with John Addison's range of plant based face and skincare products. Help support the regeneration of healthy, new cells, and  boost natural collagen production. Tighten and minimize pores, help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, all while benefitting from our lightly scented products with essential oils. Our plant based products can reduce inflammation and redness, battle acne and minimize the appearance of dark circles. Moisturize, nourish, and hydrate by adding these plant based beauty products to your daily and nightly skin ritual. Rejuvenate and refresh your face with John Addison's all organic, plant based skincare products.

All products are organic, made with plant based ingredients directly from our mother Earth. 


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Face toners are beneficial for unclogging, and minimizing the size of pores. Our plant based Facial Toner will remove excess oil and dirt on the skin after washing, and prepping the skin for moisturizer. Smaller pores means less irritation, reduced redness, puffiness, and a smooth, all-over even skin tone. Not only is our facial toner a non-irritating, alcohol-free astringent, but it is also enhanced with rose floral water, which corrects the skin's PH balance. Give your skin the healthy, bright youthful glow with our famous Facial Toner. After washing, apply Facial Toner directly to your face and skin, allow to air dry. Moisturize as normal.  Organic Facial Toner

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Powerful and gentle, our plant based Makeup Remover will leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. Strong enough to use on waterproof makeup, and gentle enough to be used daily. This oil based Makeup Remover, lifts dirt and makeup from pores, while stabilizing the skin's natural oil production. Our famous plant based Makeup Remover will leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Use before washing, apply to cotton ball or pad, apply all over face, and continue to wash. For removing eye makeup, leave cotton over eyelid for one minute, wipe away, and continue to remove with cotton swabs. Wash as normal. Avoid direct contact with eyes.  Organic Makeup Remover

Freshenup Body Spray _ John Addison Orga



Completely fragrance and chemical-free, our plant based Freshen Up Body Spray is suitable for your entire body. Naturally antibacterial, this product is also safe for kids. Use our famous plant based, unscented, Freshen Up Spray on the face, to set makeup, or on the body as an all natural deodorant.  Recommended for sensitive skin, Freshen Up Spray is safe for baby's.  Reduce inflammation, soothe skin irritations, rashes, acne, and speed the healing of sun damaged skin. With all the powerful benefits of chamomile and cucumber extract for the skin you dream about.  Organic Freshen Up Spray

Under Eye Rescue John Addison Apothecary


Brighten skin, and lighten dark circles with John Addison's famous plant based Under Eye Rescue balm. Suitable for all skin types, young and old. After washing, apply a small amount of Under Eye Rescue to the under eye area.  Under Eye Rescue will minimize the appearance of dark circles, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, firm, tighten, and tone the under eye area. Use regularly for younger looking eyes. When applying to the under eye area, apply Under Eye Rescue gently to avoid pulling or stretching the skin.  Avoiding contact with eyes. A small amount goes a long way.  Organic Under Eye Rescue  





Soften, relieve, and revive the condition of your lips with our organic Lip Balm. Packed with vitamins and minerals beneficial for the overall health and appearance of your lips. Relieve dry and chapped lips.  Replenish, retain and restore moisture to your lips with our all natural plant based Lip Balm. Our Lip Balm is naturally antibacterial, and will help heal dry, cracked lips by creating a protective barrier retaining your skins natural moisture leaving your lips feeling soft, and hydrated.  Organic Lip Balm

Cold Sore Rescue _ John Addison Organic.


A simple holistic option to battling the symptoms of a cold sore break out.  Stop a cold sore in its tracks with our plant based Cold Sore Rescue. Reduce cold sore blisters, speed healing, and get back to normal quicker with our Cold Sore Rescue lip balm. Cold Sore Rescue is our original blend of all natural plant based antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients like Ravintsara essential oil and bees wax. Cold Sore Rescue relieves pain, inflammation, cracked and blistering lips.  Replenish, retain and restore moisture to your lips. Packed with vitamins and minerals, our Cold Sore Rescue balm will help boost your immunity, and get rid of those embarrassing cold sore blisters in record time.  Organic Cold Sore Rescue

Oral Rinse Organic Alcohol Free John Add


Oral Rinse mouth wash.  A simple, all natural way to cleaner teeth and healthier gums. Regular use of our plant based Oral Rinse mouth wash is incredibly beneficial for your teeth and gums. Strengthen enamel, and kill bacteria in the mouth that leads to cavities. Natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties make it ideal for disinfecting, preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and gingivitis. Oral Rinse mouth wash can also help speed the healing of canker sores, treat Halitosis.  Eliminate bad breath with our famous, plant based, alcohol free, Oral Rinse mouth wash. Oral Rinse can also relieve TMJ symptoms,

(temporomandibular joint disorder).  The anti-inflammatory properties can reduce swelling in the jaw. We recommending using this product twice daily, or more as needed.  Organic Oral Rinse


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