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Happy is healthy. There is no shame in self-care - prioritize you, and the way you feel about yourself. Treat your body to wellness, and you will feel good from the inside out. 

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Kayleen Franklin


When I was little, I thought that the ingredients listed on the labels of products, were written in a secret code. A code that no one was allowed to decipher, or else their secrets would be revealed. As I got older, I realized that they were not secret words, but scientific ones, to let the customers know exactly what is inside each product. But as I got even older, I realized that my initial thought might be more true than false. Hard to read, impossible to comprehend - maybe these companies really don't want you to know what is inside their products, or why would they be so hard to read?


I have extremely sensitive skin and allergies to many things, including synthetic fragrances. It has always been a challenge to find unscented and gentle skincare products suitable for my skin type. My work as a model showed me the importance of caring for your skin, using clean products, and following a solid skincare routine. I spent majority of my 20s in Japan, where skincare is taken very seriously, routines are followed meticulously, and many Japanese products are made with all-natural ingredients. After moving back to Canada, I found it difficult to find organic and fragrance-free skincare products. Frustrated with the minimal options that were available to me at the time, I decided create my own skincare products, starting with a simple recipe from my Mother-in-law. I found a real love and appreciation for simple, clean, every day products, and I enjoy making them. Natural, organic ingredients means easy-to-read labels, and no more questions. Everything I use on my body, face and hair is plant-based and organic, and is actually edible (but I can't say I recommend it!)

Becoming a mother has opened up my eyes to many new experiences, ideas, and ways of thinking about everyday life. As a mom I care now more than ever about what we eat, what we wear, and what we put on our skin. Everything we purchase and use in our home is plant-based and fragrance-free, including our bed linens and our laundry detergent. As a family we talk about what it means to be an eco-concious consumer, and having the power to choose which companies to support. We want to be wise about what we bring home (and almost always, plastic-packaging is a deal-breaker!). By teaching our children how to think freely and responsibly, we can help them shape their own futures, be confident, and make good decisions for the well-being of themselves and for the Earth. 

John Addison is a family name, passed down generations, and to us, it symbolizes integrity and ambition. A name we hold dear to our hearts, as it resembles building solid foundations and overcoming obstacles in a simpler time. Our relationship with the Earth should reflect our true inner feelings about ourselves, our lives, and our contributions to society. We are all connected, and John Addison is a bridge between the gap of humanity and our environment.

How you view your life and feel about yourself matters. To quote my great uncle Benjamin Franklin, "Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances." Be kind to yourself and love yourself as you are. Treat yourself well, and you will feel well from the inside out. And you definitely deserve wellness, don't you think? 

Peace + Love


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