Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Waking up in the morning isn't always easy... even for me and I am a morning person. I love mornings, and I seriously love coffee. But before I get to my blissful cup of joe, I have a morning skin care routine that puts some serious pep in my step, and prepares me for a productive day. I thought I'd share some tips and hopefully trying this routine will make you a morning person as well...

1. H2O Guzzle it up. I try to get 1L in before doing ANYTHING. It wakes your entire body, and replenishes the water lost from breathing in your sleep. You feel refreshed and alert, nearly instantly.

2. Stretch for 7 minutes. My stretching isn't anything fancy, I just stretch my arms, legs and back, holding each pose for about 30 seconds. I focus on mindful breathing, and concentrate on the muscles being "woken up".

3. Dry brushing is a great way to wake up the senses, and keep your skin healthy and soft. . Brush the surface of the skin lightly, and always brush towards the heart to encourage blood circulation. If you don't have a natural dry brush, simply using your hands work as well!

4. Next I wash my face with a Gentle Foaming Cleanser (I am currently working on the perfect formula... it will be available to the public soon!), and pat dry with a towel. 

5. Now spritz with toner. To shrink pores, tone and even out skin, I use our alcohol-free Facial Toner. It contains rosewater which helps to maintain the skin's PH balance, and control excess oil (with oily skin types). I let this air dry (Or use your hands for quick fanning... it works!)

6. This is when I continue to treat my skin to some extra hydration. My all-time favorite oil is Camellia Seed Oil, which works great for sensitive skin. I apply the oil to my arms, legs, bum, torso, neck and face, 2-3 pumps at a time. It absorbs quickly (30 seconds to a minute) and your skin feels soft, and hydrated. Less is more for the face!

7. Now I use one drop of Lavender Essential Oil and one drop of Orange Essential Oil mixed with a carrier oil (again, I use Camellia Seed Oil), and apply it to the back of neck, chest, and arms. Just smelling these beautiful oils uplifts and energizes. 

8. Any excess oil products I have left on my hands go into my hair, starting at the ends (the driest) and work my way up to the mid-sections of my hair. It makes my hair strong, shiny and works like a charm to reduce fly-aways and split-ends. You don't need much to see good results!

9. From here I use a paper towel or kleenex to absorb any excess oil left on my face. My skin is very sensitive, so anything heavy on my skin will cause a reaction. Less is always more with the face! 

10. Now I continue to apply light, daytime makeup. My routing usually consists of clean cosmetic products - tinted moisturizer, concealer, eyebrow pencil, and a little powder... maybe some mascara if I'm feeling fancy. C'est tout! The trick is to use a little makeup, so your skin can continue to breathe throughout the day. Cover what you must, but let the rest be free! 

This routing may not be for everyone, but it works for me, and I try to stick to it as much as possible. What is your morning skincare routine? I would love to know!