Oils are extremely beneficial for not only the appearance of your hair, but for the overall health of your hair as well. Healthy hair means strong hair, and strong hair means new growth. Here are a few ideas and tips to keep in mind when using oils in your hair :

Little extra? Add it to your hair

Whenever I use oils, on my body or on my face, I use the excess left on my hands, to treat dry, split ends. I do this by running my hands through the ends of my hair, scrunching, smoothing, and fluffing the ends with a small amount of oil on my hands (less is always more when it comes to oil in hair). It is best to work from the bottom upwards, combing the oil with fingers. For use during the day, we recommend not touching the scalp and roots (to avoid greasy-looking hair.) Instantly smoother, healthier, and shinier looking hair. Overtime, fly-aways and split ends will completely disappear.  

Change your pillowcase... regularly

Your sanctuary, a sacred place, the place you dream. If you are experiencing irritation and inflammation in the skin, instead of a glowing, morning-dew look, then your pillowcase might be the culprit. Nightmarish bacteria, dirt, and excess oils can accumulate, sometimes causing pimples, blackheads, and acne-like bumps on the face. Wash your face religiously before hitting the pillow, and also be aware of hair products you might be wearing when going to bed. Changing your pillowcase roughly twice a week, and washing with unscented, plant-based detergent can keep break-outs at bay.

Opt for balm

Want to benefit from oils without obviously having oil in your hair? Perfect for daily styling, warm a small amount in hands, and apply on ends, and dry, frizzy hair. Scrunch or smooth directly on wet hair, after washing, or use as a styling product to tame fly-aways on dry hair. Sculpt, and create hold and texture with styling pomade, but as always with oil-based products, a little can go a long way.


Braids help tame your mane. Its a great way to keep your hair out of your way while you are doing a hair treatment, or simply sleeping. After washing, I apply oils to my hair, braid it, then reapply at the ends of the braid. This locks moisture in, and replenishes the natural oils that have been washed away with shampoo and soaps. I sleep with the braid in my hair, and the next day I have perfectly smooth and shiny waves.

Pre-wash hair treatment

Apply to hair, starting at ends, working your way up to scalp. Use before washing to lock in moisture. Use a wide-tooth natural comb to disperse the oil evenly. Continue to shampoo and condition as usual, and repeat if needed. Washing strips hair and skin of its natural oils, thus leaving it vulnerable to dying out and breakage. It is always recommended to put a small amount of oil in your hair after you've washed, focusing on the ends, to prevent split end and minimize damage from heat styling.

Dry hair & Split ends

Apply a small amount to hands, and work through hair, starting at ends, and combing or bushing through evenly. Start with just a few drops, and continue to add more as needed. Focus mainly on the ends of the strands, and where ever your hair feels course or dry. Can be used on wet or dry hair, but remember, a small amount goes a long way when you use oil on hair.

Add Shine

​Apply a few drops to hands, and rub through hair, starting at ends, and focusing on areas which need smoothing. Reduces frizz, and adds shine while the oils hydrate and nourish your hair. A small amount goes a long way, use on wet or dry hair, and reapply after heat styling. Regular use of oils in the hair will translate to strong, smooth, healthy-looking hair. We recommend using oils overnight, and washing in the morning.