botanical name : Rosa canina

Plant part - Seed

country of origin : Chile

processing method : Cold Pressed - Unrefined

certification : USDA certified organic

  • Locks in skins moisture

  • Powerful antioxidants

  • Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles

  • Reduces dark circles & age spots

  • Encourages natural collagen production

  • Fights signs of aging

  • Reduces inflammation 

  • Treat rosacea & dermatitis

  • Protect against sun damage

  • Natural exfoliant



Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Omega 3

Omega 6

Omega 9


Use to reduce puffiness and redness in face, and under eyes. Keep product in refrigerator to enhance cooling sensation. 

Best Suited for : dry + combination + acne-prone + mature skin types

Prized since ancient times for its valuable healing benefits, rosehip oil is loaded with skin-nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids. It also contains phenols that have been shown to have antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Rosehip oil is often used as a carrier oil for use with essential oils, and it is commonly added to many skincare products for mature or aging skin types.


Rosehip Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and extremely high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the appearance of dark spots, rosacea, stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation, burns and scars. Rosehip oil brightens and evens out skin tone, firming the skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rosehip Oil is considered a “dry oil” which means that it is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not leave an oily feel. It is a little denser than other oils, use a very little amount when applying to the face. Rosehip Oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids and is known to help with dry, irritated, weathered skin. It is reputed to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier and relieve itching due to dry skin. It is suitable to use as a moisturizer and may assist in reducing the visible signs of aging. There are some concerns that it can aggravate acne conditions. Please do a patch test on the skin before using it.

Cautions :

Those with skin sensitivities, use with caution, especially with young children. For external use only. May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is always recommended prior to use. Apply to face with caution, as contact with eyes should be avoided. 



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