we are all of this Earth

Our objective at John Addison is to bridge the gap between our personal lives, and the natural world. Packed with vitamins and minerals beneficial to the overall health of your body, our products are simple, and results are visible.


We want to bring you back to your natural roots, and benefit from all the simple secrets our nutrient-rich Earth has to offer. The switch to organic doesn't have to be difficult, or expensive. 

Your wellness is well deserved.

the company.

Knowledge is power. It sounds cliche, but it is so true. After studying textiles for many years, and after viewing the mass manufacturing process first hand, we came to the realization that humans are greatly disconnected with the reality of where our products come from. Not only is the processing not sustainable, and detrimental to the balance of the Earth, but the harmful chemicals that are used in the process have damaging effects on our bodies. Knowing this gave us the confidence to execute our dreams of creating alternate options, not just for us, but for our family, our friends, and for the future. 


Thus, John Addison was born. We, as a partnership, decided to create our ideal company - one that values the importance of trust, and overall wellness. The concept is really quite simple, we want to create a positive presence of the Earth, for the Earth - no poisonous chemicals, no toxic waste, no testing on animals, no unnecessary additives, and ultimately, no harm done. We want to create a community of people who care about the well being of their homes, their families, and essentially, themselves. Our desire to create this type of environment for ourselves, and for our children is what drives us to do what we do. Every choice we make in our lives, the products we buy, how they make us feel, it all matters. 

the story.

After working as professional fashion models internationally for nearly a decade, we relocated back to Canada, and welcomed a new baby girl into the world. During our pregnancy, we realized the difficulty of finding simple, organic body care products, with ingredients we could actually understand. Many products that claim to be all-natural have unnecessary additives to preserve, colour, and add fragrance to the product. With Kayleen's severe skin sensitivities, many of these products simply were not an option. We started with only a few ingredients and made simple, organic body care products, which added extra hydration and nourishment to the skin, fragrance and chemical-free. We mix, pour, and melt all our products ourselves, in Vancouver, Canada. Our journey has been entirely organic, and a lot of fun. We are excited to share our hard work and our beautiful, organic creations with you. 

Kayleen Franklin


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the creators.

Kayleen Franklin & Rory Stewart

We are a solid husband and wife partnership. We work together, live together, and dream together. Nothing brings us more happiness than creating guilt-free, quality products with integrity. Together, as a team, it is a complete collaboration, from start to finish. John Addison is a showcase of our life's work, guilt-free body care products, a collective of every day products, safe for your body, and beneficial for your overall wellbeing. The idea of creating a life free from toxins and harmful chemicals, is a dream we both share. We are happy to offer organic wellness for the body, and the home. 

We believe in the power of knowledge,

and the freedom of choice.

Rory Stewart


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these talented and generous individuals helped us achieve all we could imagine. We could not have done this without you. To the moon and back..

thank you for making it possible

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